I'm not one who gets all giddy over hair and makeup supplies.  But, Walgreens had a sweet coupon in their ad this Sunday.  They have the Scünci Hair Accessories for 99¢ (original price up to $3.99/limit 3).  AND online I found a "Friends and Family" discount of an additional 15%.  So...here's the ring up.

I got 3 octo-clips on the first order (had to do it in 3 orders b/c the cashier was a little anal about "there's a limit of 3") for a whopping $2.67 (inc tax).  2nd order $2.68 and 3rd was $2.67 (weird how they came up a penny difference).

3 for less than the price of one.

I got 6 clips, 2 pony tail/bun things (new design) and a pack of hair bands for Karabear for $8.02...which would have rang up at $26.08 without the coupon/discount.

Not bad ;)